Supporting our communities to create an oasis of local Green Open Spaces

KRT supports community groups/local residents to regenerate neglected green spaces and return them to their former glory, creating an unexpected source of calm and tranquility

All work is carried out by qualified trainers and young people training on our multi skills CITB programme who want to put something back in to their community.

All work is at cost and supports further young people to enter training and gain qualifications. We have been contracted by partners such as Birmingham City Council, Residents Associations, Town Centre Partnerships, small community groups and registered charities and social enteprises.

Stephen’s Pond

KRT transformed Stephens Pond, an area of overgrown and unused land in the heart of Sutton Coldfield. Over 38 young people on our Multi Skills training programme worked on redeveloping the land. With the support of KRT professional trainers, young people gained real time work experience and accredited qualifications. Work included in depth bank clearance, removal of ivy and epicormic growth. Removal of all suckers, self set trees or shrubs, brambles and ivy. Removal of all litter and debris from site and the pond. The site was de-silted and then land prepared for the spring season.  Local residents were thrilled and told us the area felt so much safer and accessible for local families and children.

Newhall Valley Country Park

The boardwalk in New Hall Valley Country Park was believed to have been torched some time overnight on Thursday, December 2019. Some 40 metres of the polyurethane boardwalk, which had planks with inscriptions on them paid for by the public, had again been burnt and destroyed – making part of the park inaccessible. KRT was commissioned to repair the boardwalk and restore this area of the park to its natural beauty. 

Hales Gardens

A group of residents in partnership with KRT created a community garden on a neglected piece of green space surrounded by houses which house approximately 200 people. The garden was built on the island at the centre of the crescent. It was an overgrown space, full of weeds despite their best efforts and visitros used it to park their cars. Together we have restored it to its former glory to create a garden for community events, where children can play, and families can relax.

Redicap Futures

Initially impoverished and subject to anti social behaviour and other unsettling activities, KRT Services was asked to clear the site and help design both a meeting space for all members of the community and a sensory garden. It simply was not possible to use the initial spaces for safe gatherings of toddlers, or additional

needs residents, nor was it suitable for the elderly to meet.

Accessibility was a fundamental part of the new landscape, with the outcome being a level park throughout. One side of the gated access route will be constructed as a sensory path with a handrail, with the intention of allowing a bare foot walk along different materials. This sensory experience to be gained is invaluable not only for additional needs youngsters, but fantastic also for the elderly and anybody who hasn’t recently walked barefoot anywhere. This will provide a real unique selling point for this park.

Stage one involved clearing the site of debris and vegetation. Weed control fabric and mulch was used to reduce the extent of invasive weeds.

Next the site was fitted out with the boardwalk and planters constructed from upcycled timber.  A large community brick BBQ was built, walls repaired, gates fitted and perimeter fencing with trellis fitted. 

The next milestone will be the importing of the growing mediums and mulch whilst planting the structural plants, ferns and trees. These will include the dwarf fruit trees in containers, for example. We will undertake the planting of annuals and perennials, notably the climbers such as kiwi fruit, clematis and honeysuckles.

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