Outdoor Learning 

Coming Soon…

The KRT allotments will supplement the Brookvale Community Hub, allowing us to offer seasonal meals and providing a year-round opportunity for people to come and learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

If you would like to know more about how to maintain allotments and volunteer with us we would love to hear from you!

Keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Outdoor learning involves the transformation of knowledge, skills, attitudes or behaviours through direct engagement with the outdoor environment for the personal and social benefit of individuals, families, society and the planet.

 At the societal level: developing a sense of place leading to greater engagement  within a community and an appreciation of the opportunities available to live, learn and work in the local area. 

• At the interpersonal level: providing a safe and supportive setting to enhance social skills, appreciate and value difference. Encouraging loving and meaningful relationships across generations that foster tolerance, respect and kindness. 

•  At the intrapersonal level: engagement with the outdoors for health, wellbeing and nature connection, leading to lifelong participation and outdoor competence. Developing character, resilience, positive risk taking.

KRTs outdoor trainer will be working with pupils and students from early years, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, etc. to meet their curriculum or subject needs and build skills for life 

KRT will be using the outdoors to support health, fitness and wellbeing through walking for health, outdoor counselling,  arts, Tai Chi,  wilderness therapy, adventure therapy, etc.